Jewelry CAD Design Clasp 3D Modeling

11 Most Practical Clasps 3D Modeling Course with Rhinoceros 6

The Clasp 3D Modeling course is a must tool for the Jewelry CAD Designer. You will learn how to 3D model on the most common use and practical clasps for your jewelry design project. The course also includes the 11 original Rhino 3dm files that are demonstrated in the course. All the 3dm files are Royalty Free for personal use. (More details on Royalty Free License, please see the user policy)

Student will learn

  • the design concept for the 11 types of clasp and how they work
  • 3D modeling clasps and how to modify them
  • lessons include spring clasp, 2 toggle clasp sets, lobster clasp, 2 barrel clasp, fold over clasp, magnetic clasp, screw clasp, pearl clasp, box clasp, twist lock clasp, S hook clasp. 

Check out the course curriculum below and buy this course for 180 days. 課程觀看期限180天.

PJ Chen
PJ Chen
Authorized Rhino 3D Trainner

About the instructor

PJ Chen is an Authorized Rhino3D Trainer. She has taught jewelry design since 2004 in colleges, and actively connecting with the jewelry industry over 20 years. PJ is specialized in jewelry design, Rhino 3D training for individual and corporation. Her multidisciplinary education and international culture experience have created the opportunity for collaborative work on projects with large professional companies such as Michael Kors jewelry, Fossil jewelry and watch, Remington eyewear, and The Limited jewelry.

What's included?

15 Videos
1 Survey
1 Text

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